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As each day passes businesses, homes and individuals become more dependent on technology. Computers, handheld devices, tablets and mobile phones are all things that not only continue to grow in their application in our daily lives but are adapting to the changing technology landscape each day. This is why NerdsToGo is such a lucrative concept. With businesses, homeowners and individuals growing reliance on technology, handling the maintenance, computer service and support, and other computer services that can accompany a technologically based society seems like second nature. This means our franchise owners can tend to the high demands of a reliable customer base and reap the financial benefits by taking advantage of a constantly innovative, inventive, and lucrative industry.

How NerdsToGo Helps Businesses


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Why a NerdsToGo Franchise May Be Right for You

  • Proven Business Model

    Proven business model and ongoing support to encourage exponential growth

  • Fast Growing Industry

    IT and computer service is one of the fastest and most profitable industries

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

    Services for all types of computers, phones, tablets, and all Apple products

  • Industry Pioneers

    We have been in the Computer Service Industry for 14 years

  • Recurring Revenue

    Reliable customer base of individuals & local businesses for repeat business

  • Tech Support

    Tech support so customers can depend on accessibility and availability

The Opportunity

NerdsToGo offers our candidates multiple options as it is can be run as an executive model or an owner operated franchise. This opportunity is based on providing our clients with the highest level of service possible. Whether it is our B2B clients, residential clients, or those individuals who seek out our technical know-how, we desire to be their #1 destination for solutions. As a proud member of the Propelled Brands family of franchises, in 2021 we strategically began to shift our attention to a more comprehensive focus on delivering IT solutions to our small business customers, while continuing to service our residential and direct to consumer customers with the highest quality of support.

Our franchisees spend their time focusing on building and scaling a business as they benefit from our industry-leading support systems. With corporate support in areas such as sales development, marketing, training, real estate, supply chain & vendor relationships, our franchisees are empowered to be in the community consulting with customers, not trapped in the four walls of their business.

The Model

Our model gives you the opportunity to use previously gained professional experience in marketing, sales, and relationship management to build a powerful business that offers multiple, diverse & recurring revenue streams. Revenue streams that include subscription based recurring managed services plans, mobile in-person support to small businesses and residential customers and servicing direct to consumer traffic that walks in the door of your business.

We are seeking prospects looking to scale a business through customer acquisition, consultative sales, and building teams to execute technical services. Prospects should be capable of managing a P&L versus working in the field. By leveraging our experience and historical track record, our goal is to help our franchisees capture as much of this market share as possible.

We Aren’t Just Nerds.
We’re Innovators & Entrepreneurs

If you would like to learn more about potential franchise options, available territories, and investment information - contact us today. You don’t even need franchise experience to join our ranks! In fact, we happily provide our franchisees with the resources, training, support, and information needed to start, build, and maintain a successful computer maintenance franchise. We are ready to partner with you as you grow your business, seek profitability, and achieve your greatest dreams

NerdsToGo is paving the way as innovators, entrepreneurs, franchisees, and successful business owners. Ready to invest? Take the first step in your journey to success by contacting us today

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