NerdsToGo Financial Performance

Technology Is Needed In Good & Bad Economic Times

In recent years, we've observed a consistent trend: regardless of economic conditions, the demand for IT services among our clients has been on the rise.

The introduction of our business-to-business program, NerdAssure, in 2020 marked a significant milestone for our franchisees for several reasons. First, it strategically places our franchisees in a position to leverage the growing technology demands of businesses to their benefit. It allows them to provide comprehensive IT solutions tapping into multiple profitable opportunities.

Secondly, the NerdsAssure initiative emphasizes the acquisition of customers who prefer the stability of recurring, subscription-based relationships. Coupled with our top-tier support system, our franchisees are equipped with the necessary tools and focus to expand their operations effectively.

NerdsToGo Average Unit Stats

  • Average Gross Revenue $542,961*

  • Average Net Owner Benefit 17.9%*

  • $10,617 in recurring revenue per month in the first full year of B2B focus with our NerdAssure program. That is up 49% from 2022.

What To Expect With Our Franchise Opportunity

Enhancing franchisee profitability is the #1 strategic goal across all our brands. We dedicate ourselves to tracking and communicating these key performance metrics to our network and, through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), to prospective franchisees like you. Item 19 of our latest FDD provides a window into the potential financial performance of a NerdsToGo franchise.

Our most recent benchmark study details the financial health of NerdsToGo locations based on the latest data available. Aspiring franchisees are granted access to in-depth information, which includes:

  • Profit and Loss Statements that showcase the financial averages and medians across our stores

  • Performance metrics from our Business-to-Business program, NerdAssure

The purpose of our discovery process is to ensure that every candidate receives comprehensive insights that equip them with a thorough understanding of both the opportunities and responsibilities that come with operating a NerdsToGo franchise.

Why a NerdsToGo Franchise May Be Right for You

  • Proven Business Model

    Proven business model and ongoing support to encourage exponential growth

  • Fast Growing Industry

    IT and computer service is one of the fastest and most profitable industries

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

    Services for all types of computers, phones, tablets, and all Apple products

  • Industry Pioneers

    We have been in the Computer Service Industry for 14 years

  • Recurring Revenue

    Reliable customer base of individuals & local businesses for repeat business

  • Tech Support

    Tech support so customers can depend on accessibility and availability

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