NerdsToGo Operates Under New Corporate Umbrella Propelled Brands

Last year, NerdsToGo saw its fair share of ups and downs, like many franchise brands, amid the global pandemic. Today, our brand is in the midst of positive changes with Propelled Brands’ unveiling, the corporate umbrella under which NerdsToGo, FASTSIGNS®, and future brands will function.

“We are thrilled to officially unveil Propelled Brands as the umbrella under which we will operate and grow a portfolio of service-oriented franchise brands,” said Catherine Monson, CEO of Propelled Brands and Chair of the International Franchise Association. “We look forward to amazing opportunities ahead, in addition to the continued growth for our existing franchisees and our team members. Propelled Brands marks a key milestone for us as we lay the foundation to expand our portfolio of brands.”

How COVID-19 Spurred the Creation of Propelled Brands

2020 was a tumultuous time for many franchise brands and the franchise industry, with the economic collapse due to COVID-19. However, NerdsToGo experienced a resurgence when the newly minted Propelled Brands (formerly FASTSIGNS Holdings, Inc.) acquired us in September 2020.

Because the pandemic has forced many professionals to work remotely full time, they have been required to function without direct access to their company’s IT departments. Remote work has become part of our society’s new normal, which has presented a significant opportunity for us to manage small and medium-sized companies’ IT services.

We’re hopeful that this reorganization will allow NerdsToGo to see the comparable success that FASTSIGNS has also experienced.

Mark Jameson, Chief Support and Development Officer of FASTSIGNS, said, “Propelled Brands has grown FASTSIGNS to be the leader in its category, and with a proven business model, we aspire to duplicate that strategy with NerdsToGo. With the brand’s authority in the business-to-business sector, we are looking to utilize our expertise to grow NerdsToGo to be a powerhouse brand.”

What This Means for NerdsToGo Franchise Owners

Under new leadership, our brand and franchisees will receive ongoing training, support, and unmatched resources to continue positioning us as an industry leader and go-to IT provider in the local communities we support. Propelled Brands is committed to focusing on service-oriented franchises and helping NerdsToGo franchise owners navigate confidently based on owners’ unique positions, growth momentum, and purpose.

Propelled Brands will focus franchise efforts on:

  • Advancing the strategic path for each brand
  • Offering support and guidance to every franchisee to help them maximize success
  • Helping franchisees reach underserved small to medium-sized businesses in areas we are most needed

“We believe Propelled Brands is a brand that knows where it’s going and exactly how to get there,” said Jennifer Herskind, Chief Marketing Officer at Propelled Brands. “Propelled Brands offers a clear vision and supportive business model for each franchise brand to equip franchisees on a path to success.”

We’re most looking forward to expanding brand growth alongside the experienced leaders at Propelled Brands and making 2021 one of our best years yet.

Franchise Developments on the Horizon

As excited as we are about Propelled Brands, we continue to keep our eyes focused on our franchise brand’s future.

Our long-term development goals include:

  • Growing from our current 25 locations to over 500
  • Expanding into markets that serve more than 100,000 people
  • Selling 30 new franchises nationwide in 2021

We’re always searching for qualified franchisees to grow with us across North America and, eventually, into international territories. Interested prospective franchisees don’t need to have experience in information technology. However, we do seek individuals with a strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to grow a successful business in their local community.

We want our franchisees to develop relationships with small business owners in their communities to become their outsourced IT department. Under Propelled Brands, we are looking to partner with business-minded, service-oriented entrepreneurs who align with our innovative growth objectives.

For more information about starting a new journey with an IT franchise brand that wants you to succeed, call us at (855) 949-5150 or get started today!